Possible website downtime as we switch hosts

We just found out that our current website host company (Gaia Host Collective) is unfortunately shutting down effective August 1, 2019. We are going to start figuring out our options now, but transitions to new hosts typically involve at least a little downtime. So if you visit our website between now (May 5, 2019) and August 1 and it’s down, please check back the next day. If it’s still not back, please send us an email: prisonbooks@gmail.com!! We’ll also try to keep our Facebook page updated, if our website is down: https://www.facebook.com/prisonbookscollective/

Oh and if anyone would like to help us with navigating the transition to a new host, drop us a line (prisonbooks@gmail.com)! Gaia has some suggestions on their page where they provide more details about the decision to shut down.